For those who are just starting out in steaming, these devices called drippers are going to be surprising. Indeed, they are tankless atomizers, which may raise questions as to their usefulness at first glance. However, you should know that the dripper or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is rebuildable.  It differs from other devices and comes in several varieties to satisfy any type of steam.

Dripper: an atomizer without tank

The spray dripper has the same principle of operation as any other reconstructible atomizer. Indeed, like its counterparts, it works from a resistance in contact with the e-liquid, hence the vaporization. The only difference is that it has no tank. Thus, to supply the resistance with vaporization liquid, you will have to add the substance to the dropper. This is precisely the principle on which the device takes its name in English. For some vaporisers, this can be a constraint, but this system is not without its advantages. Indeed, there are steam-orientated drippers, equipped with an imposing mounting plate that allows the creation of low resistance values, but offering a large air supply for airborne vapour.

Dripper: for better restored flavours

Without tank, the spray dripper allows to position the resistance just under the mouthpiece of the atomizer. When the resistor heats up, the steam created will be inhaled directly by the vaporizer. The result is that the aromas do not suffer any deterioration until the arrival in the mouth.  The sensation is therefore immediate, with an intense flavor. This is why drippers are to be preferred to better feel the taste of liquids. However, in order to combine a large amount of steam and flavour, you must choose a device with a high level of aeration. A flavour-oriented dripper will have a reduced mounting tray, with less air flow to preserve all the aromas optimally.

Case of the "Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer"

To give users the perfect device, manufacturers now offer so-called RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) atomizers, hybrid models. They can be described as spray dripper versions with a tank, some of which are removable. This makes it possible to have two types of devices in one. This type of atomizer can both restore flavors as when using a dripper, but the comfort is that of a tank device. In this case, the tank is placed under the mounting plate of the resistors. The objective is to maintain an acceptable distance between the mouthpiece and the resistor, having a supply of e-liquid. The main characteristics of an RDTA are the presence of two coils, the location of the bridge and the absence of a bell and chimney system.