Presentation and characteristics of the chicha / electronic hookah

Published on : 07 July 20203 min reading time

You’ve probably already heard of the electronic chicha or electronic hookah. So you wondered what it was really about. By definition, e-chicha is a new form of tobacco consumption. It works in the same way as the electronic cigarette, allowing the smoker to inhale a water vapor flavored with the fragrance of his choice. The modernization of this electronic-type cigarette by specialists in the field, have made it suitable for new generations. Moreover, it is a big trend among young people today.

The electronic chicha: how it works

Anyone familiar with steamboating certainly knows what a chicha or hookah is. In this case, we talk about electronic chicha, which is then an alternative to the traditional cigarette. The functioning of the electronic chicha is more or less equal to that of the electronic cigarette. First of all, a scented liquid is heated, and then transformed into steam. It is possible to choose the different scents of its liquid. The difference between electronic chicha and classic chicha is that instead of sucking in smoke, you suck in steam. A difference is in its ease of transport because you can take it wherever you want and at the same time its battery has a great autonomy. They can then be a good investment because they don’t necessarily need a lot of maintenance.

The e-chicha: the advantages

The main advantage is that this device is compact and therefore you can easily put it in your pocket. The electronic chicha is equipped with a carrying case that makes it easy to use it whenever you want. Its use requires neither water nor charcoal. Simply insert the cartridge of the electronic shisha and then press the start button and start your spraying session. From a health point of view, for the moment it has not yet been proven that its use presents any danger. Indeed, replacing the smoke into steam is a great health benefit. Its use does not include the use of hydrocarbons or nicotine-free tobacco. Because, in the case of the classic hookah, a combustion occurs where the steamer inhales tar and carbon monoxide, both of which are harmful to health. Therefore, it is safer to use electronic shisha at the expense of classic shisha, to combine pleasure and health. In other words, e-chicha does not burn but vaporizes and therefore no toxic substances are consumed.

E-chicha and electronic cigarette: the differences

The biggest difference between the two devices is that the electronic cigarette is composed of nicotine. While, the electronic shisha is used only to inhale a scented vapor without nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are used by those who want to replace traditional cigarettes, therefore generally used constantly. This comes to say that it requires maintenance. And the liquid contained therein and nicotine must be refilled. Conversely, the electronic chicha is intended for recreational use. It is therefore not used constantly and the parts will therefore not be replaced often. Electronic shisha can be discarded after use when the e-liquid is finished. This property and the absence of nicotine makes e-chicha cheaper. Another difference between e-chicha and the electronic cigarette is how they work. Electronic cigarettes are not disposable, we can encounter several models with different designs and properties.

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