How do I lower my nicotine dosage?

The electronic cigarette is mainly used by smokers seeking withdrawal. Beginners can also opt for this method to hang up. In any case, the dosage of nicotine in its e-liquid must be controlled. For the new vaporizer, an excessive dose…

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Do I absolutely have to vary the aromas of my e-liquids?

Flavours are substances that can be used in many areas. Their role is to give a flavor (smell) to what we do (pastry, e-liquid, or perfumes). In an e-liquid, it is an indispensable (basic) substance to give a good sensation…

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How to choose your first e-liquid?

Spraying is an idea to voluntarily stop smoking cigarettes. Beginners who use this method are a little intimidated. The first time you’re going to vaporize, you will have to choose the e-liquid on the multitudes that are available. And do…

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What is the vegetable glycerin present in e-liquids?

E-cigarette e-liquids contain relatively few ingredients: additives, flavorings, glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine. Here we are talking about vegetable glycerin. So, the VG or vegetable glycerin in the e-liquid is highly estimated from the steamers in order to make more…

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