How do I lower my nicotine dosage?

The electronic cigarette is mainly used by smokers seeking withdrawal. Beginners can also opt for this method to hang up. In any case, the dosage of nicotine in its e-liquid must be controlled. For the new vaporizer, an excessive dose leads to a risk of infernal coughing. And buying an expensive cartridge of e-liquid with a low nicotine content results in waste. For a well-informed buyer, he needs to define his ideal product. A choice that suits his nicotine needs.

What is the ideal nicotine concentration for you?

The new vaporizer considers two essential points when choosing the nicotine dosage in its e-liquid: its nicotine habits and the model of device it plans to use. To guide his choice, he thinks about the power of the steam in terms of nicotine. This factor defines the amount of nicotine consumed per puff. A social smoker can smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day. It is a smoker located among the low nicotine smokers. While the smoker who finishes more than one pack of cigarettes a day is clearly in the upper zone. These are the starting points for the nicotine withdrawal process. And these are the points that define his nicotine dosage as a vaporizer.

Opt for the gradual method!

There is a methodical way to reduce the dosage of nicotine in its e-liquid. The vaporizer opts for a daily, weekly, monthly reduction. The goal is to make progress towards your goal. The logical next step is to gradually reduce the nicotine content. The vaporizer starts either to decrease by 1mg of nicotine each time and thus lowers the level of nicotine previously mixed. For example, from 18mg/ml (1.8%) to 14mg/ml (1.4%), then to 10mg/ml (1.0%), and so on. On the other hand, dilution proves to be a good alternative for weaning. Some people recommend adding VG (vegetable glycerine) to their bottle of e-liquid, this naturally reduces nicotine. They add a zero nicotine product as each cartridge is used.

Get off the beaten track: explore the alternatives!

The choice can be made for the sub-ohm+ vapour. With a lower nicotine content that does not tear the throat. Switching to sub ohm implicitly leads to an immediate reduction in nicotine consumption. Another option is also available for vaporisers: DIY. It is a matter of making your own cartridge of e-liquid. The process consists of mixing the product of your choice with flavorings. The smoker can choose among different flavors, according to his preferences. The dilution in itself considerably reduces the dosage of nicotine in his e-liquid. This, while enjoying good flavors during vaporization.
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