E-cig : guide

What does the term “dripper” mean?

For those who are just starting out in steaming, these devices called drippers are going to be surprising. Indeed, they are tankless atomizers, which may raise questions as to their usefulness at first glance. However, you should know that the…

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What causes the hit in the electronic cigarette?

If there is one term that is commonly heard when it comes to the electronic cigarette, it is the word “hit”. The latter says a lot for English speakers, but is still very confusing for Francophones. However, if steamers refer…

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To begin, which electronic cigarette to choose?

Since some time the electronic cigarette has begun to be popular among smokers. They are known for their effectiveness and reliability especially for people who want to stop smoking. This form of cigarette, however, is strictly reserved for smokers. It…

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How to spray without coughing?

Coughing is a recurring thing with new vaporizers. It can be caused by misuse of the e-cig. Through the following lines, discover how to vaporize without coughing. Stopping smoking: one of the origins of coughing You’re an ex-smoker who’s been…

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