Since some time the electronic cigarette has begun to be popular among smokers. They are known for their effectiveness and reliability especially for people who want to stop smoking. This form of cigarette, however, is strictly reserved for smokers. It is therefore not recommended for non-smokers because of its effect that reduces the rate of smoking. However, for beginners in this area, how to choose your electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette: what is it?

The electronic cigarette also known as personal vaporizer is an electronic device in the shape of a cigar to be inhaled. With or without nicotine, this electronic cigarette comes in several different tastes and aromas. The electronic cigarette helps smokers reduce their cigarette intake during the day. However, this form of cigarette is not considered a medicine. For those who wish to consume their first electronic cigarettes, this cigar is available everywhere in stores and adapts to everyone's needs. How then to choose his first electronic cigarette in this case for beginners?

Choosing the right electronic cigarette

Making the right choice for his first electronic cigarette is not an easy decision. To make the right choice, it is essential to know your needs. That is to say, how many times a day a person takes cigarettes or is it just occasional. - Small smoker: For small smokers who only smoke occasionally or during the holidays, choose a small reservoir. A first medium-power electronic cigarette is tailored to your needs. - Medium smoker: For average smokers, i.e. people who smoke three or four cigarettes a day, choose a cigarette with a reservoir of about 2 ml. With a battery powerful enough to have more steam. - Heavy smoker: For people who can not live without lighting their cigarettes, an e-cigarette that has an excellent autonomy with a large reservoir. However, we must remain very vigilant on the dosage of nicotine that goes with the cigarette. Therefore, a fairly high power is recommended.

What to do at the time of purchase

Here's what you really need to consider when buying your first electronic cigarette to ensure a pleasant experience. When choosing an entry-level e-cigarette always think about your needs. Favour, first of all, the models that have a tank integrated directly into the battery. Choose an e-cigarette that can be charged on a mains, that is to say, easy to recharge. And finally, for your first electronic cigarette, an e-cigarette with simple and understandable settings is recommended. Complicating life with options difficult to understand is not a good idea for the first time.