If there is one term that is commonly heard when it comes to the electronic cigarette, it is the word "hit". The latter says a lot for English speakers, but is still very confusing for Francophones. However, if steamers refer to it, it is because they feel it as soon as they consume the e-cigarette. Here are the factors that cause this sensation.

Level of nicotine in an electronic cigarette

The nicotine content is a first factor behind the hit in vaporization. The higher the nicotine content, the more strongly the vaporizer will feel this sensation in the throat. Thus, if you find that your e-cigarette does not cause the desired hit, you should opt for an e-liquid containing more nicotine. Conversely, a substance with low levels of nicotine will reduce this effect. However, in the case of a presence of nicotine salt, the hit will feel much less. It will probably take several tries before you find the right spray conditions for what you are looking for.

The battery power of the device

Another factor that varies the sensation of the vaporizing hit is the power of your electronic cigarette. Often, we notice that the hit increases proportionally with this parameter. It is possible to get more steam thanks to batteries with an adjustable voltage. In recent years, there are such models, allowing each user to adapt the device according to his needs. If you want to simultaneously increase the power and the steam flow rate, you will have to choose the lowest resistance value. The optimum power range is usually between 10 and 25 Watts. This means that you will have to choose a power battery within this range to get the most out of your device. In any case, to have a pleasant hit, be careful not to heat up the resistance of the device too much and to make spaced vaporizations.

Ratio between vaporization hit and PG/VG ratio

Propylene Glycol or PG plays a key role in the taste and aroma of e-liquids. Although it doesn't produce much steam, it has a great influence on the sensation of the hit when steaming. An e-liquid with a high PG content will have a stronger taste and a stronger hit. Therefore, 100% PG e-fluids are preferred if you want to optimize the effects. Vegetable Glycerine (VG), on the contrary, is more responsible for the steam production. It reduces both the feeling of the aromas and the hit. Moreover, it is often the cause of the fouling of the resistors of clearomizers. On the other hand, an e-liquid with a high VG rate cannot be used on any equipment. You will have to choose an electronic cigarette more powerful and efficient for a high rate of VG.