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What does a vaporizer kit consist of?

Vaporization is the way to replace the classic cigarette with the electronic cigarette. There are beginners and experts. The latter must know the equipment that the vaporizer may have in its kit. These boxes will be found in two types:…

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Hookah, pipe, cigar: the market for electronic vaporization is growing

Quitting smoking can seem difficult, especially when the smoker doesn’t know how to do it properly. To reduce the level of nicotine in the body, the electronic cigarette is one of the best alternatives. Many specialists recommend it, particularly for…

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Presentation and characteristics of the chicha / electronic hookah

You’ve probably already heard of the electronic chicha or electronic hookah. So you wondered what it was really about. By definition, e-chicha is a new form of tobacco consumption. It works in the same way as the electronic cigarette, allowing…

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Accessories: how to protect and transport your e-cigarette?

Nowadays, thousands of people around the world smoke cigarettes. This is harmful to their health, but also to those around them. A Chinese inventor had the idea to create what is called electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Currently, the practice of…

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