Vaporization is the way to replace the classic cigarette with the electronic cigarette. There are beginners and experts. The latter must know the equipment that the vaporizer may have in its kit. These boxes will be found in two types: the classic mode and the electronic mode. This type of box is rectangular in shape. It will give you more freedom and even more freedom of adjustment. The one who practices this vaporization will be able to take advantage of the valves to his expectations. He will be able to do it in person. The starting of the kit depends on the battery either integrated or removable.

The box mod

As we said, the vaporizer kit is for professionals only. It consists of equipment called box mod. It is useful in the field of vaporization. This box can have a power of 220W. It will be able to generate a large amount of steam. This box is rectangular in shape made up of electronic cigarette. Its purpose is to limit large steamers to the dependencies of electronic cigarette. There are several options in this tool: as stop function, start function, lock function. There are 3 kinds: simple box kit that offers a soft vape.  The advanced kit box that offers direct inhalation. And the expert kit box which is not suitable for beginners.

The clearomizer

This equipment is also part of the vaporizer kit. It is in this box that we put the e-liquid needed for the vaporizer. An equipment that does not require too much maintenance but simple handling. The quantity depends on your experience in the field. But for experts it can reach up to 26mm. In this case, the hyper hit is reached during the phenomenon. When the rate increases, my way of vaper will last even longer. It depends on your desire. If you vaporize a lot then you will have to insert a large quantity but if it is small then it goes with the rate. For a mixture of e-liquid of different flavors, it is the same procedure. For experienced vaporizers, you could do a direct inhalation.


A vaporizer expert should know that the resistor is part of the accessories of the vaporizer kit. The resistor also depends on your spraying experience. How many years have you been spraying? A high-performance heater must be used to reach the desired vaporization temperature. The smoke obtained during the phenomenon requires a great and strong resistance. The stronger it is, the better the result you will get. If the expert vaporizer wants to have a beautiful and ideal steam then it will be necessary to have an e-cigarette with high resistance. The steam that comes out depends on the powerful tools you use, starting with the resistance.