Flavours are substances that can be used in many areas. Their role is to give a flavor (smell) to what we do (pastry, e-liquid, or perfumes). In an e-liquid, it is an indispensable (basic) substance to give a good sensation during the wash. But can it have any effect on our body?

The components of an e-liquid

The basic substances of an e-liquid is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and a flavor. Propylene glycol is often used as a solvent on food products. For an e-liquid, it is the substance that enhances the flavour and promotes the hit when vaporizing. It is mainly present in e-liquid as a flavour conductor. Vegetable glycerine is the substance that gives an e-liquid a sweet taste. And to give it a flavour, flavouring is added. The aroma of e-liquid can be artificial or natural. Sometimes it is even produced with propylene glycol. However, it is important to know that some flavors can be harmful to the body because of their properties. Therefore, you should be careful when you buy your e-liquid. The best aromas are mostly natural aromas. This is because the natural is less dangerous than the chemicals of an artificial flavor.

To each his own taste

Each flavour has its own property and taste. You can then try to vary the flavours to find out which one will please you and suit you best. The aromas of e-liquids is present to give a flavor. On the market, you can find 5 different types of flavor, including fruity, mentholated, gourmet, tobacco and drink. As their names indicate, the fruity and minty flavoured e-liquid are flavoured with fruit and mint (natural flavour). For greediness, it's more for fans of pastries. The drink flavor, on the other hand, imitates drinks such as coke or coffee, etc.. For the tobacco flavour, it is for cigarette smokers who wish to convert to electronic cigarettes, this flavour imitates tobacco and ordinary cigarettes.

The effects of flavors during the vape

The flavour has no harmful effect on human metabolism. Of course, this is especially true for natural aromas. However, it is important to know that during steaming, certain molecules such as diacetyl can form under certain conditions such as heat and the presence of sugar in the flavour. This type of molecule can be harmful to your resistance. It is the gourmet flavor that is most likely to form this molecule because of its higher sugar content than other flavors. The aroma of e-liquid main guarantor of the appreciation or not of a product. If a smoker does not like a flavour, he can just change the flavour and switch to another flavour until he finds the right one.