Coughing is a recurring thing with new vaporizers. It can be caused by misuse of the e-cig. Through the following lines, discover how to vaporize without coughing.

Stopping smoking: one of the origins of coughing

You're an ex-smoker who's been smoking and you're coughing? Don't worry, this is not due to the effects of the electronic cigarette. It's because of the fact that you had quit smoking. Indeed, the smoke of the e-cig and that of tobacco are not the same. The harmful ingredients of the classic cigarette irritate the bronchial tubes. Once the smoker stops, the bronchial tubes will no longer have their daily doses of these tobacco ingredients, and claim them by making them cough. Like a wound healing itself, this is the bronchial tubes' way of healing from the irritation of smoking. Even without the transition to the electronic cigarette, this happens to those who quit smoking.

Ways to vaporize to avoid coughing

The way to vaporize and the way to smoke are not the same. Bad inhalation can lead to coughing. The suction of the e-cig's vapour should be slower and longer. Another reason is that the components of the e-cig do not agree, including a liquid with a high nicotine content compared to the power. For example, steaming at 25 watts with a liquid of 16 mg/ml is much too strong. It will therefore be necessary to match the power and the nicotine level. Simply lower the power or change the nicotine level. If you lower the power but with a high nicotine level, there will be fewer hits and you will consume less liquid. On the other hand, there will be less vapor. Otherwise, if you decrease the nicotine level but the potency is high, you will have many hits. The liquid heats up faster and the nicotine present dissipates more quickly. There will be a lot of vapor and the liquid will be consumed quickly. So the solution to avoid coughing is to balance the nicotine level with the power.

Choosing the right vapor equipment and e-liquid

Coughing from a vaporizer can also be caused by the quality of the equipment, including the e-liquid. Indeed, please check the composition of your e-liquid: less substance, less risk of coughing. For example, avoid e-liquid containing alcohol and choose bio-based e-liquid. Regarding the electronic cigarette, choose safe brands and not products whose origin is unknown. Yes, all these criteria are to be taken into account to vaporize without coughing. However, if the cough persists, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.