The e-cigarette in all its magnificence

The electronic cigarette boom

The e-cigarette has grown so much that it has completely entered the mores. It is especially smokers who are about to stop smoking or save money are the main followers.

The reason is that it is touted as an excellent ally in smoking cessation and that in 7 years, nearly 700,000 smokers would have quit because of this device.

This being said, the explosion of e-cigarettes is significantly reducing smoking and therefore makes the tobacco industry face some difficulties.

Switch to the electronic cigarette

Although the e-cig has enabled many smokers to give up smoking completely, it is regularly pointed out because of its possible dangers. However, many doctors believe that it contributes to smoking cessation.

To make the transition to e-smoking a success, one must make sure to choose the right equipment at the risk of returning to one’s old habits from the first days of abstinence.

As indicated on, it is best to start with a beginner’s kit, an e-liquid with a nicotine dose that fits your smoking profile.

E-liquid bottle


Classic, box or mods


Electronic cigarette kits for beginners

Starting in the vape can be a real headache because of the infinite models characterizing the e-cigarette market. When you’re a beginner, we might as well go directly to kits for beginners ready to use, designed to allow the steamers to succeed their first clouds and become familiar with the world of the vape. These kits are characterized by their low power, simplicity, intuitiveness and use that requires very little adjustment. More on

High autonomy

High resistance

Low power


Where to buy your e-wash?

The boom in e-cigarettes has significantly multiplied the number of retailers specialising or not in the marketing of e-liquids. As for in-store sales, you can turn to a generalist, specialized or the tobacco shop.

If you don’t have the time to go to a store, you can of course buy your e-liquid online: generalist sites or specialized sites from physical to virtual. More on


Composition of e-liquids

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine or VG for short is the component that provides a large volume of steam, reduces the sensation of HIT and softens the aromas.

propylene glycol

Free of propylene glycol, an e-liquid Vegetol or full VG is distinguished by its consistent viscosity. It offers a different vapour-laden and roundness.


3 mg of nicotine for occasional smokers, 6 mg for light smokers, 10 to 12 mg for medium smokers and more than 12 mg for heavy smokers.









Accessories for e-cigarette

A satisfactory and successful experience with an e-cigarette is inexorably through the use of quality accessories. Of course, vaporizing requires a good number of accessories that are more or less cumbersome, but which are completely indispensable to the daily life of vaporizers (beginners or experienced).